Keb, Erin, and Subhrendu 

New York, August   Erin and Keb flew up on Friday to join Subhrendu after his meeting.  Stayed with Mayine and David.  Visited playgrounds, took the subway and the yellow taxi boat, saw Projal and Vikram, spent Sunday morning in the park with Winnie, Davis, and Brynn

Wilmington, August  Camp Resources, aquarium at Ft Fisher, Saturday morning on the beach 

Orlando, July, Erin attended AAEA

Virginia Beach, July    Joined grandparents and Liza for beautiful beach weather, with a bar and gentle waves at low tide, Keb rode boogie board, spent lots of time digging in the sand.  Left Liza to finish packing up the house and move out to make way for the new tenants

Swoope and Sweden, June   Erin and Keb drove to Swoope, and Subhrendu arrived later on very delayed flight into Charlottesville, then Erin and Subhrendu to EAERE conference in Gothenberg via Dulles and Frankfurt

Virginia Beach, May, 3 days with grandparents and Lalit.  Keb was the only one brave enough to play in the cold ocean.  Lots of running up and down the dunes out back.  Erin, Subhrendu, and Lalit out for runs/walks in First Landing State Park, full of wildlife (osprey nests and snakes). 

Atlanta, May, Erin interviewed at Georgia Tech

Atlanta, April, Erin interviewed at Emory

Madison WI, March, Erin presented seminar, and met with Jeremy and Kelly (after long delay in Chicago airport) 

Santa Barbara, February, Erin participated in NCEAS meeting

Atlanta, January, Erin visited, then Subhrendu and Keb joined for the weekend, and Subhrendu stayed to give seminar in economics department.  Brunch with Paul and family in Decatur, and dinner at Christine Moe's house.

Swoope & Annapolis, January, Keb stayed with grandparents while Erin and students participated in Invasive Species Forum in Annapolis, transferring Keb in Richmond on the way back south.